Help Israel Choose the God-Fearing Leader it Needs!Israel is at War, Its Enemies Want to See it Annihilated. Here is Your Chance to Change History

The Bible makes it very clear how God wants us to treat Israel. In Genesis 12:3 (NIV), God says, “I will bless those who bless you (Israel), and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

Many people believe that one of the main reasons America has been so prosperous is because of its strong support of Israel. God has blessed the country that has blessed Israel.

But now Israel faces unprecedented difficulties … times of upheaval and uncertainty, and it needs our support more than ever.

Yes, you can donate to soldiers, relief efforts, and other charitable causes within the country, and those donations are much needed and appreciated ...

But here is the truth: more than anything else, Israel needs leadership that reveres God.

Without strong, God-fearing leadership that turns Israel around 180 degrees from where it is today, the country is going to suffer greatly.

Look what is already happening in Israel and around the world: the Islamic extremism is rising and taking a hold even in elite universities. Brutal attacks in Israel cheered on in the West by chants of Jewish annihilation. The source of evil is the disconnect from God. Too many parts of the US and the world have fallen into a denial of God and religion – and having done so have unleashed the horrors of Islam and the craziness of the far left. Distinctions between a man and woman are being blurred, families are taking forms that distinctly vary from traditional norms, theft from stores is ignored, country borders obliterated, and once vibrant religious and national communities are fading into obscurity.

The movement away from the God and the divine moral code threaten to shake the very core of our world.

In these onerous times, it is the duty and destiny of God’s people – Israel, to rise and lead the world into a renewed connection with God’s teachings – and that requires a strong, righteous and God-fearing leader … that requires Moshe Feiglin.

It’s Time for Israel to:

  • Strengthen its divine bond and fulfill its role of leading people to redemption and liberty
  • Exemplify genuine morality, justice, and liberty to the rest of the world
  • Uplift the world & establish the Kingdom of God through righteous leadership
  • Put an end to the modern socialist state's overreaching provision of education, healthcare, and social benefits through enforced taxation and inflationary measures
  • Foster a renewed connection to the Creator through the building of the 3rd Temple, the divine abode=
  • Recognize that God created this world with distinct, unmistakable identities. A man remains a man, a woman a woman, and a family embodies the union of man and woman.
  • Understand that separating right from wrong, truth from falsehood, and just from unjust can be accomplished only within a divine bond with God
  • Return to the principles of sound money management, discarding fiat currency often generated recklessly at the expense of hardworking individuals

But Who is Moshe Feiglin & Why is He the Man to Accomplish These Things, Lead Israel Higher, & Help Guide the World Back to God?

For over 30 years, Moshe has dedicated himself to serving Israel. He first made a name for himself with the Zo Artzeinu (“This is Our Land”) movement to stop the Oslo Accords. That movement amassed hundreds of thousands of protestors across the country.

Later, Moshe joined the Likud Party to present a political alternative to Israelis and to lead the State of Israel to more authentic Jewish values.

Then, as a Knesset Member, he was named the Deputy Speaker of the Knesset and a member of the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee.

After being politically blocked in the Likud Party, he formed the independent party Zehut (“Identity”) to keep making a difference for Israel. He went on to author a best-selling book that contains a complete masterplan to revolutionize Israel from being a secular-socialist state to a truly free Jewish state.

This is a man who has dedicated his life to his country and who is now ready to rise to power and lead Israel a Godly era.

Revitalize Israel as a Divine Kingdom on Earth and Foster Unity Between Humanity and God!

But Moshe can’t do it alone, he needs your help. And in today’s world, that means more than anything else:

financial support.

Your money is needed to support Moshe’s political campaign.

If you agree that it is time for Israel to embrace its role as God’s chosen nation and start uplifting the world and leading people into an era of true redemption …

If you agree that it is time for Israel to stand out as a beacon of justice and freedom to the entire world …

If you believe that Israel deserves a leader with the strength and vision to ensure the country fulfills prophecies …

It’s time to put your money where your beliefs are!

Make a contribution today to support a righteous leader who won’t rest until Israel is revitalized as a divine kingdom on Earth that thrives economically and socially, fosters unity between humanity and God, and leads to the complete redemption of our world!


What are the chances of Feiglin becoming Prime Minister?

The current political factions are responsible for blinding the Army and the public to the threat of the Islamic monster forming behind the fence. For decades both Netanyahu and the Left have neglected dealing with this reality, leading to the horrors of October 7th.

The Israeli public realizes this and is open to a new leadership with a new vision that could take on the challenges Israel faces. Feiglin is the “Churchill” the Israeli public is discovering. From the right and the left, more and more Israelis are connecting to Feiglin’s message, and seeing him as the solution.

Israel deserves a leadership that has been on the right side of history since the inception of the Oslo records in the 90’s and Moshe Feiglin is the right man for the right cause. Feiglin has been consistent with his vision and views and has paid political and personal prices to stick to the truth. The time has come for him to lead Israel to its Godly destiny, win the war against its enemies, build the Third Temple, and rise to its historical destiny to unite the world under God.

What is Feiglin’s plan to win Israel’s wars?

The simple truth is that the Land of Israel belongs to the Nation of Israel. The Hamas, Hezbollah, PLO and other terrorist groups owe their growing strength to the Oslo records and the flee of Israel from its land in favor of the “peace process”. The solution is to do the exact opposite – return to the land, deport the Arabs, and settle it with Jews. That’s exactly what Israel did in 1948 under Ben Gurion. With Moshe Feiglin in power – Israel will complete its conquer of the Land of Israel in Gaza, Judea and Samaria and any other disputed areas in Israel’s land, including South Lebanon.

What is Feiglin’s vision for the Third Temple?

The Third Temple will be the focal point of the entire world. With the removal of the Islamic presence on Temple Mount and the construction of the Jewish Temple - God's sovereignty prevails over us. The erosion of humanity's faith in God stemmed from all religions straying far from their origins. Yet, the return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel signifies a rekindling of the intrinsic bond between humanity and God, through the sanctified ground where God's presence is most palpable—Temple Mount. In the presence of God, known in Hebrew as “Shekhinah”, humanity is poised to ascend to unprecedented heights in life.

The physical presence of a Temple for G-d anchors us to the principle of a truly free humanity. Moreover, according to our revered sages, the reconstruction of the Temple heralds an elevation in our living experience – spiritual and physical as one. Life itself will intensify in vividness, even in experiencing eating and Humanity's existence without the Temple embodies a state of existential exile, parallel to the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden, and the return of God to His divine Kingdom with the 3rd Temple promises the final and complete redemption for the entire world.

In Moshe Feiglin’s view – what is the role of the Jewish people in bringing God’s Kingdom on Earth?

God liberated us from being slaves in Egypt so that we could live in true liberty under God. True liberty can resonate only from God, and when man tries to create justice or liberty disconnected from God and His principals – Man turns himself into a false God, just like Pharoah, Hitler, Stalin or Mao, and rebels against any moral boundaries. A truly liberated state must be God-fearing, and understand that the rights to liberty, freedom and justice are divine, and unchallengeable. The United States was created in these Godly values, and that’s the reason for its prosperity and success. With Moshe Feiglin in power - Israel will fulfil its destiny as His nation will jumpstart the reconnection of the entire world to God. When the Jewish nation in Israel returns to God and embraces the breadth of its historic role, the world will follow Israel’s footsteps to crown God as the true King of the world.

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