Meet Moshe Feiglin

Hi! My name is Moshe Feiglin, proud husband of Tzippy, and father of 5, living in Karnei Shomron in Samaria, Israel. For over 30 years I dedicated my life to changing the course of Israel’s destiny. Starting with the Zo Artzeinu (“This is Our Land”) movement to stop the Oslo Accords, amassing hundreds of thousands of protestors across Israel, and later joining the Likud Party to present an alternative and lead the State of Israel through authentic Jewish values. As a Knesset Member I was the Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, and a member of the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee. After being politically blocked in the Likud, I formed the independent party Zehut (“Identity”) authoring a book (which became a bestseller!) with a complete masterplan to revolutionize Israel from being a secular-socialist state to a truly free Jewish state, pursuing G-d given values of liberty, identity, and justice.


Israel – The focal point of the world

"For out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem." (Isaiah 2:3)

Israel stands as the sacred homeland bestowed upon the Jewish people by God Himself, a promise made to our esteemed forefathers—Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. After enduring millennia of exile, we've finally returned to our ancestral land. However, our redemption isn't merely about finding refuge from persecution; it's a divine calling to lead the world in harmony with God's teachings. As a chosen nation, our purpose transcends borders; it's to exemplify genuine morality, justice, and liberty while fostering a renewed connection to the Creator—celebrated and revered within the forthcoming 3rd Temple, the divine abode.

Zion, the heart of Israel, holds a profound significance—both geographically, at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe, and spiritually, as God's Promised Land. Our mandate is to uplift the world, establishing the Kingdom of God through righteous leadership. With the right guidance, Israel will ascend to fulfill its destined role in leading the world to the era of true redemption.

The 3rd Temple

“Even them will I bring to My holy mountain, and make them joyful in My house of prayer; their burnt-offerings and their sacrifices shall be acceptable upon Mine altar; for My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.” (Isaiah 56:7)

With the construction of the 3rd Temple - God's sovereignty prevails over us.

The erosion of humanity's faith in God stemmed from all religions straying far from their origins. Yet, the return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel signifies a rekindling of the intrinsic bond between humanity and God, through the sanctified ground where God's presence is most palpable—Temple Mount.

In the presence of God, known in Hebrew as “Shekhinah”, humanity is poised to ascend to unprecedented heights in life.

The physical presence of a Temple for G-d anchors us to the principle of a truly free humanity. Moreover, according to our revered sages, the reconstruction of the Temple heralds an elevation in our living experience – spiritual and physical as one. Life itself will intensify in vividness, even in experiencing eating and Humanity's existence without the Temple embodies a state of existential exile, parallel to the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden, and the return of God to His divine Kingdom with the 3rd Temple promises the final and complete redemption for the entire world.

G-d, Man and the State

“The LORD your God is your king” (1 Samuel 12:12)

The Exodus liberated us from the oppressive rule of the self-proclaimed deity, Pharaoh, and established us as the Chosen Nation. This sacred bond with God demands a direct, unobstructed connection, devoid of intermediary kings or governmental constraints. In His commandments, God permitted the establishment of governance, advocating for its minimal intrusion. A ruler or state's role should be confined to the establishment of a fair judiciary and defense, without extending its reach beyond these boundaries. The modern socialist state's overreaching provision of education, healthcare, and social benefits through enforced taxation or inflationary measures should be curtailed or abolished in a liberated society under G-d.

Identity Truths

“Male and Female created He them, and blessed them.” (Genesis 5:2)

The gradual estrangement of humanity from God, spanning from the Enlightenment era to contemporary Progressivism, shares a singular objective: the dissolution of fundamental identities—be it gender, familial, communal, religious, or national. This collective assault targets the very essence of these identities, waging a war against the divine. Today, definitions blur: the distinctions between man and woman fade, families take diverse forms beyond traditional norms, and once vibrant religious and national communities dwindle into obscurity.

This unholy conflict seeks to supplant God's authority with the rule and morality of mankind. It's imperative that we reconnect with God and uphold truth—recognizing that God created this world with distinct, unmistakable identities. A man remains a man, a woman a woman, and a family embodies the union of man and woman. Communities find purpose in congregating around shared religious beliefs, and national identities form an integral part of our existence.

These separations, these identities, lie at the genesis of Creation itself—a testament found within the core of Genesis. Each day of Creation marks a division: light from darkness, the sky from the seas, the emergence of plants from the land, and later the creation of man and woman. This act of separation, referred to as "Kdusha" or Holiness in Judaism, underscores the sanctity of individual identities. The secret of Creation lies within this process of unique identity allowance—a testament to the diversity inherent in existence. Returning to the basic truths of identity, separating right from wrong, truth from falsehood, just and unjust can be accomplished only within a divine bond with G-d.

Monetary Truths

Thou shalt not have in thy bag diverse weights, a great and a small. (Deuteronomy 25:13)

In the past five decades, a pervasive global injustice perpetuated by governments against their citizens has centered on the practice of money creation—specifically, inflation. The turning point came in 1971 with the Nixon Shock, shattering the world's economic bedrock and establishing a fraudulent system. This shift allowed for the arbitrary creation of money, divorcing it from the fundamental truth that real currency lies in precious metals like Gold or Silver, not in promissory "I owe you" paper.

In G-d we trust, and therefore it's imperative to return to the principles of sound money, discarding the fiat currency generated recklessly at the expense of hardworking individuals. Over time, inflation stealthily robs the fruits of their labor. Restoring this basic tenet of justice would not only recalibrate the economic foundations but also invigorate the pillars of work and livelihood. Achieving this balance will pave the way for a thriving economy built on objective principles.

Empower Israel's Divine Transformation

As we prepare for the imminent elections in Israel, your invaluable support is crucial to our mission. We're dedicated to revitalizing Israel as a divine kingdom on Earth, fostering unity between humanity and G-d, and ushering in the complete redemption of our world.

Join forces with us in our endeavour to empower Moshe Feiglin on his path to leading Israel through these biblical times. Now, more than ever, your involvement can pave the way for a profound and impactful change in our nation's destiny.